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Magdogs is the largest on-line magazine wholesaler in the world designed to supply our niche customers with the magazine titles that compliment their store type and put $’s in the register.

Magazines Facts

  • Magazines have the best margins for general merchandise.
  • Magazines help sell other products in a store.
  • Magazines have little impact on inventory – You only pay for what is sold.
  • Magazines add excitement – a new product with every issue.

Magdogs offers our retail customers:

  • Large selection of magazine titles
  • Newsstand pricing – Magazines offer some of the best margins at retail
    • Return credit for all copies that don’t sell
    • Special pricing for stores that don’t want the hassle of returns
  • Free shipping
  • Dedicated customer service
  • No minimum title orders
    • Get only what you want!
  • Displays & racks
  • Special promotions & offers

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