What Women Create – 2021 Issues Buy 4 Special


What Women Create 2021 – Buy 4 Special

When women create, whatever they create, they become more than they ever thought possible. Makers who paint with folded paper, crochet on fallen leaves, share their visual journey of mixed media installations will inspire each of you to welcome a new today, full of things that never were, and where hope is a passion for the possible.


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WHAT WOMEN CREATE is the newest quarterly publication in the WWC Series. Complimenting WHERE WOMEN CREATE, WHERE WOMEN COOK, and WHERE WOMEN WORK this issue is all about WHAT inspires these women and what is eventually created by their hands … whether it be handmade arrows the skills of which were taught to them by their father, calligraphy mastered through endless hours of perfected practice, or a delicious and nourishing meal grown and gathered from their own or a community garden.

The photography is stunning and the stories are written in first person so the reader can envision themselves sitting at the kitchen table being inspired by the imagination of and celebrating the courage and tenacity of each of these women who teach all of us that we, too, can create that which comes from our very soul, that which is seen through our eyes, and that which is made by our own hands.

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