About Us

store group“Our services are designed to support our customer’s unique businesses by offering magazines specific to their customers interests.  Gone are the days of displaying 100’s of mass magazine titles, which tied up inventory and space.  Our goal is to offer those brands that compliment our customer’s businesses through a unique selection of niche magazines.”

– Thomas Smith, Magdogs Principal


Magdogs is a leading supplier of magazines servicing more than 40,000 retailers every week.

One-stop shopping –

  • A full selection of thousands of magazine titles
  • The best prices offered in the industry
  • Free delivery
  • Various purchase options
    • Returnable – Full credit for unsold copies
    • Non-returnable – Great discounts and no hassle with returns
  • 1-800 customer service
  • Customized reporting
  • Order tracking and POD
  • Return Processing
  • Displays
  • Promotions
  • Reorders

 If your interested in carrying a full compliment of magazines or just one or two, Magdogs is your answer.

Call us at 888-999-9819

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